Tanya Kuhrt, Virtual PA

By Tanya Kuhrt

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! I try to avoid it at all costs. A paperless life is a simpler life – and it’s good for our planet too!

A couple of years ago I realised things were becoming unnecessarily time-consuming when I couldn’t find the notes from an important client meeting – I’d left my notebook at the office and needed to know something urgently. I also had a to-do list that I relied on throughout my working week in the same notebook. It all caused a huge amount of stress and wasted a lot of time, so I decided to go entirely paperless.

These days I use Google Drive to store all of my paperwork, which I can upload via an app to a virtual in-tray. It has an amazing search facility, so if you place something in the wrong folder you can easily find it within seconds!

My to-do list is now on my phone in the form of a fantastic app called Todoist, so I always have it handy.

Hate fiddly receipts and invoices? Use the Receipt Bank app to store digital images of them all and free yourself paperworkfrom the nightmare of accounts paperwork! Simply take a photo of your receipt using your phone, click a button and Receipt Bank stores a copy whilst at the same time extracting all the data.

There is absolutely no doubt that less is more. When we clear our desks of paper we clear our heads, too. In these days of working on the move, going paperless also means that you can access what you need, when you need it – quickly and easily.

Put aside ten minutes each day to sort through your paperwork. Junk mail goes straight into recycling and everything else either gets scanned or photographed and then placed in your “virtual” in-tray. Then shred it and put that into recycling too.

The only things I don’t keep digitally now are insurance documents, legal documents and similar paperwork which fill up literally one A4 file.

Try to keep to your ten minute a day paperless habit and – hey presto! You will have a beautifully clear desk and you can now work your way through your virtual in-tray in exactly the same way as you would a real one.


Going paperless will simplify your life