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Let’s Have a Virtual Coffee!

As a Virtual Assistant I can often feel a little isolated working from my office at home, so as well as regularly attending formal networking meetings I also like to meet people for a coffee in my local high road – or if they are further afield I will invite them to share a […]

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How to Stop Tearing Your Hair Out in 2018

Welcome to 2018! I wanted to do a New Year’s post, not just because it’s January but also because I’m in process of re-launching my Virtual Assistant business, The Office HQ.
If you don’t know me too well you might not know that I recently underwent somewhat of a transition in that I gave up […]

5 Step Cash Flow Booster Plan

It’s THAT time of year again! Phew how did it come around so quickly!?
So now that Christmas is just around the corner I know that one thing which will be at the front of your mind will be MONEY. That’s why I’ve decided to share my 5 Step Cash Flow Booster Plan with you. […]

You SHALL go to the beach!

Sun…sea…sand – will you ever see it again?! It’s that time of year when you really really want to get away but the thought of leaving your business to go on holiday is enough to cause a panic attack….but don’t worry! You SHALL go to the beach! It just takes a little planning and […]

How To Streamline Your Business and Boost Your Productivity

Every day I come into contact with small business owners just like you who are stressed and worried about exactly the same issues as you. How can you streamline your business and boost your productivity? How can you reduce the stress factor? How can you make sure you get paid?

I’ve been through all of these myself and come […]

How to Get Ahead with Bookkeeping

Are you still doing your bookkeeping using spreadsheets – or even manually? Read on to find out how to get ahead with bookkeeping and propel your business forward!
There are many reasons why lots of small business owners are still using old fashioned methods to keep their books.
Are you one of these?
Perhaps you are worried […]

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