Tanya Kuhrt, Virtual PA

By Tanya Kuhrt

Are you still using software installed locally on your PC or Mac? If yes, then get with it!

We’re in the 21st century here – you need to get into the cloud and go mobile.

Cloud based software simply means software that is accessed by logging in via your browser.

From email, calendars and contacts to lead management and file storage, there are hundreds of cloud-based options available out there. The beauty of using this kind of software is that it can be accessed from anywhere and you’ll never need to worry about losing your data if something goes wrong with your computer.

Another advantage of going into the cloud is that it is very cost-effective. There are many programs that are completely free and even when you pay it is usually a low-cost monthly payment with no contracts.

No more paying for costly software updates either because when you move to the cloud you will always have the latest version available.

Get Into the Cloud and Go MobileMy top tip is to think carefully about which programs you will need – it is tempting to sign up for a whole host of programs and then a few months down the line you realise you don’t need half of them. And the other half the free trial has run out and those little £10 per month subscriptions sure do add up!

Another point worth noting: many people worry about the security of cloud-based programs. Here’s my advice: do a bit of research to make sure the program provider is bona fide, read as many reviews as you can, and then once signed up change your password regularly. If you do this you shouldn’t need to worry. Read this article from Information Age to find out more.

It’s all part of SIMPLIFYING your business. When everything is in one place and accessible from anywhere – even your mobile phone – then life becomes much less complicated!

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