tanya kuhrt

By Tanya Kuhrt

Welcome to my guide on how to declare email bankruptcy!

So many people ask me how to cope with all of their unread emails. If you feel it’s just gone too far here’s how you can start over (yes you really can)!

If you are reading this you are on the first step to achieving what you thought was impossible – a completely clear inbox!

Put aside an hour for this, take a deep breath and here goes:

1. Start by going offline so that you don’t receive any more incoming mail whilst working on clearing your inbox.

2. Then you’ll need to make a short list of your ten most important contacts – for example your boss, your line manager, plus your  most important clients.  Do a search on these names and reply to their latest email. If replying to the email involves completing a task simply acknowledge receipt and then schedule that task within your calendar to do later. Do not get stuck on this task. Allow yourself half an hour max.

How to Declare Email Bankruptcy

3. You’ll now remove all of your old emails from your inbox and start over. Don’t panic – think about it logically for a moment. Firstly – you haven’t been answering your emails anyway which is why you are doing this exercise. Secondly – if it is that important they will get in touch again. So: if you already have a folder for archived mail, move ALL of your emails into it. If you don’t have one then create one now and move everything.

4. Your inbox is now completely and utterly empty. Well done!

How to declare email bankruptcy

5. One last – but very crucial – step is to put in place a system for staying on top of your email so that your inbox stays clear. Declaring email bankruptcy is a last resort which shouldn’t be repeated so this is absolutely vital – click here to read my guide Organise Your Email: Seven Steps to Email Heaven and you’ll never look back!

 Need help? If  you can’t face doing it yourself or don’t have time, The Office HQ can help. Click here to arrange for our Virtual PA to do it for you.