tanya kuhrt

By Tanya Kuhrt

If you can’t cope with the mountains of mail in your inbox, fear no more. Here’s how to organise your email in seven simple steps!

1. Declare Email Bankruptcy. This is one for all those who have hundreds – or even thousands- of old, unread emails.  Do you scroll down your  list of emails and your stomach lurches with dread? By declaring email bankruptcy you can get rid of this problem in one fell swoop. Read my guide on how to do it here.

2. Have a routine and stick to it.  This is the number one rule for keeping on top of your emails. It could be 15 minutes per day. Or perhaps you prefer an hour a week. Whatever it is – schedule it into your calendar and DO IT!  The other key to making your routine work is not to get bogged down. If an email requires a task on your part that will take more than a minute or two then schedule the task into your calendar, archive the email and MOVE ON.

3. Create folders for your key areas – eg clients, administration, accounts – and archive incoming emails within these as and when you deal with them.

4. Make use of rules (aka filters). Most email programs have a “rules” or “filters” facility For example you can create a rule to move all emails from a particular source into a particular folder when they arrive. Or have certain emails automatically forwarded organise your emailto another person. Click here to find out about rules for Gmail and here for Outlook. If you are using any other program simply Google it to find out how to create a rule or filter to incoming mail.

5. Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe! Make sure you unsubscribe immediately from any unwanted junk mail. If you receive newsletters and group mailings that you do actually want to read, create a rule or filter to clear them instantly from your inbox and then simply open the folder they’ve been moved to when you are ready to look at them.

6. Don’t subscribe! If you don’t subscribe in the first place then step 5 becomes even easier! Nine times out of ten you can bookmark a site and visit as and when you want to instead of subscribing. Always ask yourself: Is it really necessary? Do I really need this?

7. Hire a virtual PA. For one reason or another you might find it difficult to stick to your routine and find that your inbox becomes overloaded on a regular basis. There is no shame in this! It probably just means you are ready for some help. Fortunately here at The Office HQ we manage our client’s emails on a regular basis. All of our PAs have worked with executives at top level in the real world and are discreet, trustworthy and efficient. It’s easier than you think to delegate this task so click here to contact us for more information!

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