Virtual Assistant for Coaches and Trainers

Welcome to 2018! I wanted to do a New Year’s post, not just because it’s January but also because I’m in process of re-launching my Virtual Assistant business, The Office HQ.

If you don’t know me too well you might not know that I recently underwent somewhat of a transition in that I gave up the Virtual Assistant training side of my business to concentrate on The Office HQ. You can read all the gory details here!

This is my first Office HQ blog post for a very long time because I was concentrating on my online course, How to be a Virtual Assistant.

So: New Year, new goals, new plans.

In 2018 I personally want to concentrate on working with coaches and trainers, in particular those who want to create an online course or membership site. The reason for this is that I’ve been through the process myself so I know the ins and outs of it like the back of my hand. Whether it’s creating a membership website, selling through webinars, Facebook ads or email marketing, I’ve been there, seen it and done it. I’m lucky enough to already be working with a fantastic sales trainer who is creating an online course and have just taken on another business coach who wants help setting up a membership site.

In the coming year I’m also hoping to take on a range of other clients too as I want to create a new associate team. Through my Virtual Assistant training program I was blessed with a whole host of new Virtual Assistant contacts, many of whom have become trusted helpers and friends. From creating sales funnels to supporting social entrepreneurs, my new VA friends have an enormous range of skills that are just crying out to be utilised!

One thing that all of my clients have in common is the need to have some backup in place when it comes to software and apps. You are probably familiar with the scenario: you want to get started with something – say, email marketing – and have heard that Mailchimp is both free and easy to use. You block out two or three hours of your day to get this nailed and sign up for an account.

Twelve hours later….you are still struggling to work out why you can’t get the double opt-in process to work, or why your email series won’t trigger.

I’ve done it myself, over the years: tearing my hair out and wanting to smash my computer to pieces because something apparently so simple just won’t work, or why the step by step instructions I found by Googling don’t make any sense, or why the help desk takes 2 days to get back to me and then leaves me even more confused than I was before.

Through trial and error and online courses I am now proficient in a whole host of apps and software from bookkeeping programs to email autoresponders and landing pages.

And the great thing is, if I do get stuck I have access to an amazing resource in the form of all my Virtual Assistant buddies and some seriously fabulous Facebook Groups of which I’m a member.

What I’m saying is: why waste valuable time and endanger your sanity when you too could make use of these resources? Only the other day a new client came to me who had been literally driven mad trying to set up integration between Leadpages and Mailchimp. I sorted the problem for her in less than an hour.

So here’s wishing you an absolutely brilliant 2018, with no hair-tearing moments whatsoever.

But remember – if it does happen, help is at hand!

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