The Office HQ Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant I can often feel a little isolated working from my office at home, so as well as regularly attending formal networking meetings I also like to meet people for a coffee in my local high road – or if they are further afield I will invite them to share a “virtual coffee” instead.

What is a Virtual Coffee?

Exactly what it sounds like! We will get together for a Skype or video call over a cup of coffee. Also known as an e-coffee, which believe it or not is an actual official phrase in the Urban Dictionary, where the definition is described as: “The coffee (or hot beverage) you have with a friend through an internet medium – eg, Skype chat, MSN or FacebookMade individually, consumed simultaneously”. 

What if I’m Not a Coffee Drinker?

errm.. have a virtual tea instead…

Why Have a Virtual Coffee?

The great thing about the internet in terms of business is of course its vast potential for networking. I love to network face to face but I think we’re missing out on so many opportunities with the connections we make online. How many people do you connect with on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest of it but you never actually have a proper conversation? The benefits of getting together for a Virtual Coffee are precisely the same as the benefits of having a 1 to 1 meeting face to face. Get to know each other better. Dig deeper into each others’ businesses and find ways to collaborate, share, refer…..

My Invitation to You

So without further ado – I would like to invite you for a virtual coffee. How about it? All you need to do is click here to be taken to my online scheduler, where you can choose a time that’s convenient to you – and then turn up with your cup of coffee (and a biscuit or two if you’re feeling cheeky).